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University of Chittagong

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Md. Nazrul Islam

Assistant Professor & Chairman

Welcome to the Department of Applied & Environmental Chemistry, Chittagong University (CU), Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a developing country and facing different problems like to set up a new chemical process industry, climate change and environmental pollution etc. In other words, to set up a chemical process industry which should be eco-friendly is most important for the planet. The department of Applied & Environmental Chemistry is developing the people, knowledge, and enterprises needed to support a vibrant technology-based on environment friendly. Chemistry is one of the foundations of our modern civilization has applications in a wide range of fields. The objective of the Department of Applied & Environmental Chemistry is to provide education and research from the fundamentals of Chemistry to the most recent fields of applied chemical science.

We appreciate your interest in this department. If you are interested in converting raw materials into products which is useful without toxicity or by modifying the different state of a substance to create better materials which is eco-friendly then our department is definitely the right place for you to extend your study.

We would like to educate you for our future leaders. We also like to cultivate knowledge to our creative undergraduate/post-graduate students; and we strive to nurture a passion in them for science, engineering, technology and environment. To provide a stimulating learning and research environment, we expose our students to a wide diversity and hands-on teaching and learning styles. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our curriculum, academia, and research. It is the best time indeed, to be a chemist and to apply your knowledge for welfare of the planet.